Unboxing Echo Show 5 Gen 2 Virtually (2021)

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The Beginning

Amazon has always launched products that are highly correlated to AI showing the phases of advancement it’s going through. From Amazon’s Alexa the personal assistant to every automated device which works with sensor detection. Amazon has bought so many similar items as such life that a smart home is made with the products of amazon more affordably. One such product with was released in 2019 was the amazon echo show 5 – a compatible device that supports you with different needs. This product was a big hit to amazon that it has released an improvised version named ‘Gen 2’ in 2021. It is a small device that fits in hand and has exemplary features to explore with. Alright, let’s dive deep into this 🙂

Prime Features:

All the features are similar with second-generation Echo Show 5 and first-generation Echo Show 5. This includes the premium built-in Alexa and everything that comes with Alexa, like smart home control, news and weather reports, games and Alexa Calling. Both also have the ability to stream music from various services or stream your favourite TV shows from the likes of Prime Video and Netflix.

The new Echo Show 5 is “Climate Pledge Friendly”. It is made from 30 per cent post-consumer recycled plastics, 100 per cent post-consumer recycled fabric and 100 per cent recycled die-cast aluminium. Additionally, 99 per cent of its packaging is made of wood-fibre-based materials.

Prime Uses

It’s not Show 5’s fault it’s a much bigger sibling, the midsized Echo Show 8, and its even larger kin, the whirly, twirl Echo Show 10, both easily (and justifiably) hog all the Alexa limelight. Then, of course, there’s the competition — Google’s slightly bigger net hub with its dazzling screen and more intuitive smart home controls. The only other, similar device that the Echo Show 5 clearly outshines is the even more maligned smart clock which relies on Google Assistant and can’t even play videos.

This is why to get a sense of the cell phone-sized Echo Show 5’s true value, it needs to be pulled out of the smart screen line-up that includes Echo Shows and Nest Hubs and placed alongside smart speakers, like the echo dot, dot with clock and Google’s net mini. If you’re in the market for a full-featured smart screen for your kitchen, say, to look for recipes and make video calls you can go ahead and dismiss the Echo Show 5 out of hand. A bigger screen with a better camera will be worth spending a little more on if you’re going to use it a lot.

Price and Availability

The all-new amazon echo show gen 2 is available in two new colours along with the colours that Gen 1 had. This is available as two different versions too classified based on the general needs that an adult has and a kids version (echo show dot kids). It’s manufactured safely and packed and is available for shipping all over the world.  Its price in 2021 is $85 or 6,375 INR and the kid’s version costs around $95 or 7,125 INR. When we compare the price to tasks and permanence it provides, the money is worth it as per the survey.

Build Quality

Echo Show 5 Gen 2 weighs 410 g and is having a dimension of 148 x 86 x 73. It has a length, width and depth of 3.4 inches 5.8 and 2.9 inches. The product has amazing AI-powered solutions for different needs. Gen 2 has an Alexa assistant Chatbot that helps with your questions with voice recognition technology which makes a user-friendly atmosphere. Amazon is constantly working on the product’s quality on every basis to make a really worthy product and that is shown in this product.

Sound Quality

Echo show 5 has an excellent sound system that is much improvised than Gen 1’s sound quality. Since Gen 1 already had high definition sound quality, I should definitely say that this is absolute bliss. It has a speaker which is attached to behind the device. Since it is a pyramid in shape, it also serves as a stand or support system and also provides high-quality sound technology.


The Echo Show 5 Gen 2 can be directly connected and accessed with the Alexa app. This makes it an advantage to access the device just from where ever you are. The connectivity option has made way too many safe handles and security checks and tracks. One such optimisation that has come up with this new version includes the Alexa connectivity with the camera too. Due to which you can also access the camera of the device just from where you are no matter how far. It has seriously in my opinion made the life of every Echo show 5 Holder much easier.

Apart from this, the device is also compatible with any other speaker via blue tooth and not via the port which was used to connect earlier.  This is because Gen 2 has a jack that doesn’t permit this activity with Gen.

Gen 1 vs Gen 2

They both are composed of the same dimensions, similar weights and sizes. But there are a lot more internal works which makes it much different from the previous version. Let’s explore one by one. The new product has come in two new colours with is the chameleon colour that is specially customised for kids version and deep-sea blue colour for the classic outlook. Gen 1 didn’t have access to the camera via the Alexa app, but Gen 2 can access the camera via the Alexa app from anywhere. Gen 1 allows connection of speaker via port whereas, Gen 2 has a 3.5mm jack which doesn’t allow connection of speaker via the port. Gen 1 doesn’t have low power mode whereas Gen 2 has low power mode and is mostly built with recycled materials and with the energy of solar and wind energy. $80 is the Maximum Retailed Price (MRP) of Gen but, $85 is the Maximum Retailed Price (MRP) of Gen 2. Gen 1 has a 1 MP camera whereas, Gen 2 has a 2 MP camera.

Comparison Table Between Echo Show Gen 1 and Echo Show Gen 2

ParametersEcho Show 5 Gen 1Echo Show 5 Gen 2
Screen (height, width, depth)3.4-inch height, 5.8-inch width, 2.9 inches deep 3.4-inch height, 5.8-inch width, 2.9 inches deep 
Year of Release20192021
ColoursCharcoal and GlacierCharcoal, Glacier, Deep sea blue, Chameleon colour
Audio Allows connection of speaker via portHas a 3.5mm jack – Doesn’t allow connection of speaker via port
Camera1 MP2 MP
Alexa connection to the cameraCan’t access the camera via the Alexa appCan access the camera via the Alex app
Power durabilityDoesn’t have low power modeHas a low power mode and is mostly built with recycled materials and solar and wind energy.
Price $80$85
Kid’s Version$70$95
Comparison Table of Echo Show 5 Gen 1 vs Gen 2


The Echo Show 5 Gen 1 is powerful with high definition screens, with a 1MP camera, best audio and video quality, and colours. Due to which The Echo Show 5 Gen 1 has proven to be one of the best devices that are powered with AI for humans to prosper smart applications via this device.

The Echo Show 5 Gen 2 is more powerful with the improvised and optimised speaker, power durability, audio and video quality as built-in features, the camera connectivity with Alexa app, added colour availability and adaptability as external features and the production and packing made with recycled products and energy used to manufacture being solar and wind energy being an environmental non-pollutant, This product is also a big hit in features and human adaptability. This parameter strongly says that The Echo show Gen 2 is affordable, adaptive and is a better version than Gen1.

There aren’t huge differences between the new Echo Show 5 and the older Echo Show 5, but if you’re wondering which to buy, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking at whether to buy the Echo Show 5, Show 8 or Show 10, then head to our separate feature. The best prices for Echo Show are available during events like Prime Day or Black Friday, but there are often deals throughout the year. There’s a camera cover switch at the top of both devices, along with a microphone on/off button and volume buttons. On the rear of the fabric-covered speaker base, there’s a power port, while the top of the display has a front-facing camera within the bezel of the top right corner. Both have the same speaker setup too. Price makes Gen 1 more worth it than Gen 2 when tested with affordability. Especially with the kid’s version is $10 costlier than the prime one due to high demand. But, when it comes to needs, Gen 2 has a lot of new features so, in a need with technical aspects and not affordability, Gen 2 is worth buying.

All new Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen, 2021 release) - Smart speaker with Alexa - 5.5" screen, crisp sound and 2MP camera (Black)

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Echo Show 5 (1st Gen, 2019 release) - Smart speaker with Alexa - 5.5" screen, crisp sound and 1MP camera (Black)

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