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When we talk about Operating Systems then Windows OS and MacOS are two of the very popular ones. They have the highest Market Share.

In Windows OS we can perform many tasks like Gaming, and other tasks whereas MacOS is more of a professional use. Its not like we cannot play games at all.

Most of the Professionals use MacOS and recommend it to others because of it’s awesome optimization and performance. There are many Software available for Professional use.

Some of you might using MacOS since long before or you might recently have switched from other Operating System. Some of people who switch from Windows OS to MacOS are not able to adapt to it that quickly. So, today we will tell you about some of the alternatives software that will make your MacOS experience more familiar.

So let’s get started…

1.          Notepad Alternative – TextEdit

  • Notepad is very useful while taking notes or it is very useful while programming.
  • So there is TextEdit.
  • It has one advantage where we can switch between plain text and formatted text.
  • It is Pre-Installed.

2.          Paint Alternative – Paintbrush

  • If you like to draw or make your little kids show their creativity then Paintbrush is there for you.
  • This is a Third-Party app.

3.          Command Prompt Alternative – Terminal

  • Terminal Commands are UNIX based whereas Command Prompt Commands are MS DOS based.
  • But the functionalities are almost same.
  • This is Pre-Installed.

4.          Sticky Notes Alternative – Stickies

  • If you like to pin your notes on your desktop.
  • Then Stickies is here for you.
  • These are great for reminders.
  • This is Pre-Installed.

5.          Backup and Restore – Time Machine

  • Windows OS has a great Data Backup Solution.
  • In MacOS you will get Time Machine.
  • Plus you will get few additional features.
  • This is Pre-Installed.

6.          Microsoft Office Alternative – iWork

  • Microsoft Office Suite has its own version for MacOS.
  • iWork consist of Pages (MS Word Alternative), Numbers (MS Excel Alternative), Keynote (MS PowerPoint Alternative).
  • This is Pre-Installed.

7.          One Note Alternative – Notes

  • One Note is available in MacOS too.
  • If you like Note taking then Notes is the app you need.
  • This is Pre-Installed.

8.          Email Alternative – Mail App

  • Outlook and Mail are both Email clients for Windows.
  • MacOS has its own Email Client.
  • This is Pre-Installed.

9.          Messaging Alternative – Messages (iMessage)

  • Apple has it’s own Messaging Service that’s Messages (iMessage).
  • This is Pre-Installed.

10.   Windows Movie Maker Alternative – iMovie

  • Windows Movie Maker is the one of the beginners level Movie Editor.
  • Whereas iMovie is targeted for professional users as is has advanced video editing options.
  • This is Pre-Installed.

So these 10 were the alternatives if you are switching from Windows OS to MacOS.


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