Fast Charging USB Type-C 240W

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Earlier during the era of Nokia we used different cables. Then came an era of Micro USB. Now we use Type- C.

As you can see nowadays we are using Type C to charge our devices like phones, accessories. We use 18W, e 18W, 30W, 60W, 120W and now comes 240W. So what was the need of 240W?

Everyone thought to accept a cable which can be universally used. Anything like data sharing, charging, etc. can be done through a same type cable. So everyone accepted USB Type-C as a universal cable.

Why do we need 240W?

Our daily tasks like charging our phones, transferring the data was working fine through Type C cables then why do we need 240W?

The reason we need 240W is that there are still many tasks that cannot be performed using normal Type C cables. Like charging Gaming Laptops, Connecting larger displays like Large Sized Monitors or TVs as all these require power consumption greater than 100W. Which was not possible through normal USB Type C cables. So 240W was introduced.


You might have seen differend brands use different charging ports in their gaming laptops. Now the problem arises when our laptop becomes older and our charging cable breaks. We face difficulty in getting a new one for an very old laptop. So if Type C 240W would be there then the availability will be much greater as many devices are using the same cable.


If you have an old Type C cable it cannot be used for 240W power delivery. You will need to get a new one.

So the working is pretty simple, it basically increases the voltage to 48 Volts but current remains the same as 5 Ampere.

Volts * Ampere = Watts

48 * 5 = 240 Watts.

What Should we do?

So the next time when you buy a new Type C cable check it as there will be mentioned a logo of 40GBPS, 240W according to official Certified USB Logo Program.

If it’s not mentioned then EPR would be mentioned which means Extended Power Range.

If you get a one with SPR mentioned it means Standard Power Range and it cannot be used for 240W power delivery.

You should now check that is your device supported?

So check it’s specifications there will be mentioned USB Power Delivery 3.1. If your device is compatible then you can use it.

What it still can’t do?

There are still many devices like Acer Predator 21X which use multiple chargers to charge the device. So still delivering more power to charge those machines is not possible.


Wouldn’t it be great when there will only be one type of USB cable and we can do everything with that like charging phone or charging laptop or transferring data, charging our headphones and accessories.

Accepting USB Type- C universally is a great idea.

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