Laptop Buying Guide 2022

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Today we will tell you about the most important points that you should keep in mind while buying a new Laptop…

Laptop buying guide 2022

Screen Size

If you are looking for a smaller size laptop then 13 inch is fine for you. But if you will be gaming on your laptop then 13 inch will definitely won’t be the best decision. Go for a 15.6 inch or 16 inch Laptop.For normal tasks like daily usage 60Hz is fine but for gaming go for higher Refresh Rate like 144Hz or more.

Screen Quality

How to know that? Just check the sRBG values. Lower quality is below 40% the higher is better. Check if at different angles screen color is shifting? A minimum is fine but if it’s huge then it may be a problem.Check if the screen is matte or reflective. Reflective is good for indoors but outdoors it reflects too much.Check laptop brightness. It’s usually in nits. The higher it is, the better for outdoor visibility. 250 nits will work for indoor work but for outdoor work 300 nits or more is recommended.

Check Flex and Hinge Quality

Check flex because you are going to use it in the long term and check hinge it should not wobble too much.


Check the keyboard is it fine while typing? Is key travel good? Check everything.

Check Fans

Fans should not always be working. While Gaming, Video Editing, performing heavy tasks it is fine but for basic tasks like using Microsoft Office if its working then it may be an issue.

Make sure your laptop has a SSD

Go for speed. It will boot windows very fast and won’t lag while performing light or heavy tasks and will make everything load faster. If you want more storage then go for hybrid which has SSD as well as HDD.

Check weather your laptop has USB C port

Now little by little every device is switching to USB Type-C. So having a Type-C Port is good and do check if it supports charging via that port.

Battery Backup

Battery Capacity is measured in Whr. Always go for a minimum of 50 Whr Battery. The higher the Whr the more battery backup you will get.

Check Upgradability

Check if your laptop has an empty RAM slot. Maybe you could use that slot in future to upgrade your RAM.Go for a minimum of 8 GB RAM but if you are going to use it for gaming or video editing then go for 16 GB RAM.

Check your Processor

Check if it’s the latest AMD or Intel Processor. You can check it by checking it’s generation. The latest Intel is the Intel 12th generation and the latest AMD is AMD 6000 series.

Graphic Card

Integrated graphic card is enough for basic tasks like Office use but if you are gaming or video editing then go for a dedicated graphic card

Service Center

Last but not the least. Whichever brand you go for, just check if the service center is available at your location or not.

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