Gaming Laptop vs Gaming PC

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So Hey Guys What’s Up I am here back again to help my Gamers who are in a confusion to
Buy a gaming device for them either it is a Gaming PC or a Gaming Laptop
If I can tell you in a Brief than,Gaming PC is far better than a Gaming Laptop.
I can divide this post in 8 Parts which can help you to find a perfect gaming device for you.
So let’s begins

Laptop vs Desktop

If we talk about portability than a Gaming Laptop is clearly a winner because of compact size
but in case of a Gaming PC than it has a seperate Monitor a keyboard and a mouse which
makes it to be not a portable device.
So in terms of portability Laptop is clearly a Winner.

If we can talk about motherboard of a laptop then it would be a small Motherboard in
comparison of a computer,everything attached in a small way.A computer’s motherboard is
big everything attached separately.
If A computer’s motherboard break down then it would be little bit easy to fix it in comparison
with a Breakdown Laptop’s motherboard.
We can get a CPU socket, RAM slot, Storage connectors, graphics connectors, keyboard,
and mouse PS/2 connectors USB port and expansion slots.
But in laptop motherboards the only thing one can usually upgrade is RAM.

Generally we can upgrade upto 32 GB of Ram in Laptop’s but we can usually upgrade upto
64 GB of Ram in a Computer.
So we can get Ram upgradability better in a Computer then a laptop.

Cooling System
Mainly we can get 1 or 2 Fan with some Heat pipes in a laptop and we can’t upgrade it but in
case of a computer we can add custom water cooling or liquid cooling systems and some
more RGB fans.
So here Gaming PC is clearly a winner in terms of cooling.

Mainly Pc Processors are faster and powerful in comparison to a Laptop’s same processor
because in PC we can get a dedicated power supply so no problem in power,but in a laptop,
processors are made to be power efficient because they didn’t have a dedicated power
supply they would have to run on battery that’s why processor are slow in laptop as compare
with a Pc.

Graphics Card

The Graphics Card which comes for PCs gives better performance than a Laptop’s graphics
Card because TDP of Laptop’s GPU is low due to power efficiency in a Laptop we can’t get a
dedicated power supply in Laptop’s so it depends upon battery to work.
In case of PCs graphics Card performance is better due to Dedicated power supply.

In a Gaming PCs we can Upgrade Ram, Storage,Cooling System, Processors, Graphics other hand in Gaming Laptop we can’t Upgrade so much things We can only
Upgrade Ram and Storage upto a limit in case of Upgradability Gaming PC is clearly
a winner.

Cost Comparison
If we are buying a Gaming PC so we have to buy A Monitor a keyboard,a mouse a desk and
an UPS but if we buy a Gaming Laptop so we don’t need to buy a Monitor,A desk,And a UPS
too if we want a Hardcore gaming so we only need to buy a Gaming Keyboard and a
gaming mouse but if you are feeling comfortable using inbuilt keyboard and trackpad of
laptop so these needs are also becoming over.

At cost point a PC becomes more Costly in comparison with a laptop.
So here are the 8 points which can help you to find a perfect gaming device for you.
I hope this post helps you so don’t forget to follow us.

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