10 Battery Saving Tips

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Deal Score+5

Today in this article we will tell you about some amazing Tips and Tricks that you can use to improve the battery life in your old or new Laptop.

Change Power Mode

Go to settings and change the power mode and choose best Power Efficiency

Turn on Battery Saver 

From Settings under Power and Battery turn it on. Maybe it won’t show an option to turn it on because you have plugged in your laptop. So just unplug it and it will work fine.

Lower Screen Brightness

Don’t always use your laptop in maximum brightness. Set it according to your conditions.

Disable Battery Usage Apps

Go to Settings and under Power and battery you will find Battery Usage per app. The apps that you don’t use frequently or the apps which are draining battery faster just disable them.

Turn Off Background Apps

In settings turn off let apps run in background

Disable Startup Apps

Under Apps you will find Startup Turn all of that off

Change Power and Sleep Plans

Go to settings and change Power Plans to Sleep in 2 minutes and turn off display in 2 minutes.

Turn off Sync 

Go to Settings > Accounts > Windows Backup and turn off all the sync because it runs in the background and uses battery

Disable Wifi and Bluetooth 

When not in need turn Wifi and Bluetooth off because it uses a dedicated hardware to work so it consumes battery.

Turn Off Animations

in Run type sysdm.cpl > Advance > Settings > Adjust for best performance

Disable Backlit Keys

If it is possible then try not to use backlit keys at all. At night it is fine but in daylight turn them off.

Disable CPU Cores

in Run type msconfig > Go to Boot Tab > Select Advanced Options > Select No. of Processors according to you. In normal usage it will work fine but if you are performing any heavy task then remember to turn off this step.

If the above doesn’t work

Then you need to visit the service center and change the battery of the laptop.

So these were some tips and tricks that will help you to improve battery life in your Laptop which has Windows 10 or Windows 11.

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