AMD 6000 Processors

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In CES 2022 AMD had showcased their new Mobile CPU which is AMD 6000 Series.

Let’s see what is new in these processors and how improved they are from their previous generation which was AMD 5000 Series.

Technology Used

  • These new Processors are based on 6nm Technology. Previous generation used 7nm Technology. It is 40% improvement compared to previous generation CPUs.
  • The new Processors use ZEN 3+ CPU Core Architecture by which performance will improve up to 28%.
  • They implemented RDNA 2 on mobile CPUs. So if you don’t have a GPU you can still play some games in 1080p.


  • You will get Hardware Ray Tracing
  • 50% bigger CPU hardware.
  • L2 Cache is 2 times more than of the previous generation.

New Support

  • It will support USB 4.
  • It will support WIFI 6e
  • It will support PCIe Gen 4.
  • It will support HDMI 2.1
  • It will support Bluetooth 5.2
  • It will support DDR5 RAM.

Highest End CPU Specifications

The highest end CPU is Ryzen 9 6980hx. Specification are as follows:

  • It is based on 6nm Process.
  • You’ll get 8 Cores and 16 Threads.
  • The base clock speed is 3.3 GHz and it can boost up to 5.0 GHz.
  • It has 20 MB L2 + L3 Cache memory.
  • It has 12 GPU Cores.

·      The TDP here is 45W+


Currently these CPUs are available to OEMs. But many manufacture like Lenovo, HP, Razer, MSI, Alienware, etc. have announced their new laptops based on 6000 Series Processors.

This AMD 6000 Series is a Mobile CPU Series which means it’s only available for Laptops.

AMDs next generation Desktop line up is AMD 7000 Series.


AMD also teased their 7000 Series Desktop CPUs. They mentioned the new CPUs might launch by the end of 2022 or by the beginning of 2023.


So this is what AMD is going to do in 2022.

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