A Complete Tour with LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

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Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is one of the basic norms that you should follow when you want to place your job in the corporate industry. Those who are new to LinkedIn probably may not know the importance of optimising the LinkedIn profile or would be unaware of how. Let me tell you more about the importance to optimize your LinkedIn profile and why is it necessary and not an option too.

When you want to get hired to opt for a job in your dream company, you will always have to send a resume and the work sample that you have processed previously. Adding the work experience that you hold and the new version of your resume which is your LinkedIn profile page is the basic idea you should pursue. LinkedIn is a social media website that allows you to follow your liking people, like comments and react to a post they share and do a lot more in a professional sense.

Unlike the other social media sites, your profile is so similar to a resume. LinkedIn is also a platform in which you can search for jobs to hire yourself in one of them if you really deserve being in. Nowadays, along with the other job needs and requirement files such as resume and the work samples or the job position that you hold, LinkedIn link of your profile has also become a necessity than an option.

The reason is being that the corporate industry, as well as the business entrepreneurs and the other domains which deal with work and profession, has got a transfer from the resume to both resume and a LinkedIn account, to check through their achievements. If you’re clear about why one needs a LinkedIn profile optimized, let’s surf in deeper with optimisation.

Profile pic and cover pic

To begin with, we should always concentrate on the profile pic and cover pic that is uploaded in a LinkedIn profile. Once you’ve signed in with your login credentials, you will have to go to your profile where you can see the cover pic and the profile pic spaced out empty. You will have to give a good headshot as your cover pic.

The reason behind this is that, it’s always preferred for a headshot, which is really professional in look and looks bright and impression makeable for the recruiter to think that the candidate deserves this position.

This will actually give a great promotion in the way people look through your profile. So the profile pic is seriously a very important concern to optimise through. For the cover pic, you can prefer a professional pick that mentions something that says about your position in the previous or current workspace. The classic model of a system and work will do more good.

Headline and Current position

If this is done, you’re the next thing you’ll have to look through is concentrating on the headline that you opt to choose when displaying your profile. The headline can contain the position that you are currently working on in a company or the position that you’re looking for else, the different kinds of positions that multi-skilled people represent in the headline. An example of the can be the pic below. Make sure that you choose a company or the work experience which is best to showcase in the upper part of your profile.


About will have the basic details that you will have to fill in the website which will also include your personal details and it’s important to make sure that the settings that you set with the personal details or the profile is optimized, which means, only elements that you opt to be shown in the profile should be made visible.


After the headshot and cover, pick and your headline, the next important part, which the heroes or the company recruiters will see he is the featured position so the posts that you’ve already posted previously ah which you feel like is deserving to be featured what certificate that you’ve owned previously? or any particular achievement, which you wanna make featured in the profile can be featured via this feature position.

This makes the recruiters get a good impression, just when they start seeing your profile, so they will tend to serve more about you. So, if you get that good opportunity and a good impression slump them, they’ll go down and where they will see your background. The subsets that you’ll have to deal with right now is education, experience, licenses and certificates and volunteer experiences. Volunteer experience can be an option, but experience, education and some license certificates that your own.

Relevant to your education or experience in your workplace must be added here because that adds more value. Adding your skills to the LinkedIn profile is also a must despite your work experience. Skills can make an which is endorsement so speaking more about the endorsement. It’s similar to a testimonial one can endorse on your profile and that goes public. This helps the recruiters see that you’ve got an endorsement from the workspace that you’ve worked due to which they’ll believe in you that you can do this particular skill the best.


When I spoke about posts, I don’t speak so clear about this because I wanted to make the full note here. After this skill section, you have this accomplishment section. With this, you can add publications of yours, patents that you own, courses that you’ve completed projects that you worked on or working in, honour that you’ve got and awards that you’ve received, the test scores that you’ve got in the preliminary tests that you feel worth adding here and the organizations that you’ve been a part of or worked with.

Additional Information

Next, you can concentrate on another part, which is called the additional information section. This section will contain recommendations and you can fill this with requesting a recommendation from somebody else or contributing a recommendation to somebody whom you feel deserves a recommendation. It’s similar to a testimonial, you give it to a person to endorse this particular skill mentioning that they have come up with great skills and activities in the past times. It also will ask you whether you have directly dealt with this person? or have you known her via the organization? or have you been in the same team? and you’ll have to give an endorsement for the skills. And, this is for a similar recommendation purpose. Here you can write a brief note about all you know about and why you feel like giving a testimonial to them. You can give a good one or a bad review and it’s up to you depending upon their skills.

More note to accomplishments

With all of these completed sections, you can add an endless number of certificates, experience, licenses and a lot more. You can also feature a lot, but four important feature posts will do good as they will be the first headshots to those who view your profile.

Job Posting Account

Heading over to the job posting account, if you are an HR or you are to recruit somebody for your company, a job posting account is mandatory why because, you will have to deal with a job posting via job descriptions or a post. LinkedIn has got special tools that will optimize your post and give you a good number of applicants. So, you can have a random look at the applicants that have applied for you and can easily filter through them via resumes and a lot more. When posting the job, you can actually opt to choose questions to answer to apply such as ‘what is their experience level’. These include similar kinds of questions, and you can also customize a question if you want to add it in as a mandatory in the job posting.

but and if you had an HR or a hiring person, as before, you will have to optimize your account, which will have a watermark in your profile pic saying that we’re ‘open to work’ or ‘hiring’ as the description that was given up.

Private Mode in Visibility

Similarly, when viewing other profiles, you can, they will get notified if you don’t set this setting they will get notified that you with your profile pic and your headline has actually viewed your profit. So if you want to avoid this, this is possible with LinkedIn.

Step 1 All you need to do is go to the settings and privacy section in Linkedln, where you can find it from the profile.

Step 2 is heading over to the visibility part.

step 3 choosing your prefered setting.

That is all about a complete tour in optimising your LinkedIn profile.

Prizilla Shinjini
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