Why no AAA Indian Games Exists?

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AAA titles are those games which is Game Developers best work and offers High Quality Video Game Experience. Every some new AAA titles are launched.

Developers like Rockstar, Activision, Ubisoft, etc. develops AAA titles. Mostly the AAA Titles developers are from America, Japan and China. But why don’t India develop it’s own AAA Title? Why isn’t there any Indian AAA Title?

To develop a game it requires time and a lot of time. If we talk about GTA, so it took 3 Years to develop and Red Dead Redemption 2 took 8 Years to develop.

The Reasons of not developing a AAA Title in India are:

1. Fundings

A large amount of funding is required to develop a game around millions of dollars.

To develop a game it requires a team and if it’s a AAA Title then a team of minimum 100 members is required. A team comprises of different members like Sound Engineers, Artists, Game Programmer, etc. Now these members are no beginners or amateurs they are experienced professionals. So the salary of these professionals is quiet high. A Senior Game Developer in US has an average salary of $100000 a year and the team has 100+ Developers.

For their work the team requires a certain software in every field. So Developers require a license of the software that they require. If we talk about 3D Studio then it’s plan goes like 130000 Indian Rupees per year for the license and they require it for every member.

Sometimes when the game become big, the Developers require the help from other developers (from other studios worldwide).

2. Talent Issues

Currently there is a shortage of Game Developers in India. Mostly Indians don’t consider Game Developer as a career option and if someone walks into this path then for the skills of that developer the salary is not enough. So they migrate to other foreign countries.

3. Government Policies

Nowadays kids makes an In-app purchase from their parents account and the parents have to suffer and kids become addicted towards the game or there are some violence related games which reflect a dark image of our society because of which people complain and many NGOs have written an official letter to the government to ban the games.

This war between People and Government over Games will continue.

4. Indian Market

Mostly gamers prefer games of Rockstar, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Activision, etc. because of their domination in the Indian Market. So after the release of a new game in India it has a tough competition.


So because of the lack of funding India is unable to develop AAA Titles. So this is our duty to help Indian Developers. We should play and promote Indian Games. Developers will get motivated to work more and foreign companies will invest money on our Indian Gaming Projects.

Young generations must be told about Indian Games and let them play Indian Games because they are the future of country.


  • nCore Games (developed FAU-G)
  • Zapak Digital (developed Stealth Sniper)
  • Zebu Games (developed Follow The Dots)
  • Rolocule (developed Dead Among Us)


  • Creatiosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dhruva Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (Dhruva Interactive)
  • Game Show Network (BitRhymes)
  • Games2win India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Griptonite Games India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Zynga Game Network India Pvt. Ltd.

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