Wireless Electricity

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Everywhere we are switching from wired to wires like Wireless Headphones/Earphones, Wireless Charging, or Satellite Internet. Slowly we are adapting to wireless. In the near future we will also be switching from Wired Electricity to Wireless Electricity.Think you’re in your room, your Laptop, Phone, TV, Bulb and every other Electrical Appliance are working without any cables or wires and in future we are going to use Electric Cars. We drive Electric Cars to Charging Stations or our Garage and it will start charging without plugging any cable.

Wireless Electricity

How does it Work?

Whenever we pass electricity through a wire then a magnetic field is generated around that wire and we know Electricity and Magnetism are linked together. It works on Magnetic Resonance. We have to resonate with the main source to the receiver. Main source emits the magnetic field and receiver receives and sends it further as electricity.This is where Alternating Current comes in action.

Is it possible?

We use wireless charging to charge our phones but it is not entirely wireless. We have to keep our phone in the charging dock and that dock is connected to power with the cable. In this process we use 2 coils. First Coil is present in the charging dock and Second Coil is present inside the phone. The Coil in the Dock is emitting Magnetic Field and the Coil in the Phone receives it. So it is possible for shorter distances. But there’s a catch if any living body like human or animal comes in between they might get shock or in worst case they may even die.So to overcome this we use Resonance Frequency. On Resonance Frequency there is based Tesla Coil made by great scientist Nicola Tesla. He had an idea to supply wireless electricity to the world. Many people are against it because it would have made an impact on electrical business. So his experiments were stopped there. Nicola Tesla made a Tesla Coil through which we could light a light bulb or any electrical device within 30 meters of range. But it uses millions of voltage to work. So the wave form is visible which is a great spark. Now if we transfer that amount of frequency from one place to another over a longer distance then it will disturb other frequencies like cell phone towers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and you know if a living being comes in contact then it’s affected. It looks exactly like sky lightning which is a bit terrifying. 

My Thoughts

I think until our home electricity will reach us through wires and after that we would have installed some devices which could distribute electricity wirelessly through which we will be able to use our electrical appliances.


  Yeah this is not a dream. It is going to be possible in near future. Hope any living being doesn’t get any harm from this.  Later is will going to be implemented everywhere.  That is our future.

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