What is Metaverse?

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If we need to talk to someone we simply Text them or Video Call them. We use various Social Media Platforms to connect to each other like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but will this remain same in future or there will be a new way of connecting people?So as everything is developing the Internet is developing too and as Internet is developing we are going in the direction of Metaverse.

What is Metaverse?

Currently where we live is Real World here we can touch things, breathe, etc. we can feel everything we do.Metaverse is a Virtual World which is represented in Digital Way. This works on Virtual Reality. In current times whatever you may imagine is possible to create in Virtual World through Digital way. Metaverse is so huge that we can exactly copy our planet earth to Virtual Reality. Every little details can be made through Virtual Reality.In Simple Words its Real World in Digital Way.

How it Works?

Metaverse is all made through Computer Program. Every last bit of detail is covered in that program. To experience Metaverse we will need Virtual Reality Headsets. After wearing those headsets we can enter a whole new world known as Metaverse. Now this entire program and everything is connected through Internet because of which we may connect to other people virtually.

Future of Metaverse

If we need to talk to someone we video calls them. But through Metaverse we can create an avatar which will be out character in that Virtual World just like a game and it will represent ourselves virtually and we can connect with other people virtually. Just like other person is in front of us.Through our avatar we can play Metaverse games. Just like you can imagine that you are in the world of Fortnite or PUBG. In this Virtual World we can buy things. The things we own here are owned in real world too. If you have watched Ready Player One Movie then you can understand the Metaverse Concept easily. I would recommend watching it.

Slowly we are going towards the Virtual World and away from Real World. There are many things which are not possible in Virtual World. On the one hand it is very great technology and on the other hand it’s taking us away from Reality. Metaverse cannot replace Real World. If we wear Virtual Reality Headsets for longer period of time then our body won’t do any physical activities and we may become unfit. Using Metaverse to a limit is good. It will come real handy in future.

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