What is Fiber Internet Technology?

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We all use Network to get connected with each other, share information, transfer data. So we either rely on Cellular Network, Broadband, or Fiber Network. So what is Fiber Network? How it is different from other network? Is this the future of Internet?

Fiber Internet is the latest technology that we are using to connect throughout the world.

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet is the Internet which let us all connected together through Fiber Optics Cable. These Fiber Optics Cables are made up of Glass and Plastic. These cables are very thin even thinner than a human hair. In one cable 15 to 20 Strands are present. A single Strand can send tonnes of data. So all the Strands altogether will be able to send a super massive amount of data.

How Fiber Internet Works?

In Fiber Optics Cable we use light to transfer data. We know light is the fastest thing that exists. It works on the principle of Total Internal Reflection. So the light travelling through Glass made Cables reflects inside the glass and then refracts. By this process we can send Binary information and hence data is transferred through this process.

There are 2 types of Cables:

1) Single Mode: In this one signal is send and it reaches it’s destination. These are very thin and can be used for long distances.

2) Multi Mode: In this many signals are sent together. So these cables are very thick. In these Cables the distance is less so we use amplifier to boost signal.

Advantages of Fiber Internet

·       The Speed in this type of internet is very very fast as it transfer data very quickly.

·       Jammer doesn’t work in Fiber Internet.

·       These Cables are best for long distances.

·       These cannot be hacked because it is a wired connection. So no other person can interfere in the network unlike wireless network.

Disadvantages of Fiber Internet

·       The main Disadvantage is that these are very costly.

·       The other Disadvantage is that these cables are very fragile and delicate it may break easily. So we must handle it with care.


So this is what our Future of Internet is like. Today we all are covered with these Fiber Optics Cable. We can easily contact our Internet Service Provider and ask them to install Fiber Internet at our home and use it.

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