Tips to improve Gaming Performance on your Gaming PC

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Once in a while when we play a game it stops while playing or it stops responding. It is very frustrating experience ever while gaming.

So today we will tell you about some settings that you can do in your PC to boost FPS in your Games.

1.          Clean Your PC

Periodically we must clean our PC because after very long times the dust particles present in air starts getting collecting in Fans which blocks the air intake and air could not pass easily. Which results in creating heating issues in PC which then affect our Gaming Performance.

2.          Turn on Game Mode

If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11 the you will have a Game Mode on your PC Settings. You just simply need to turn it On.

3.          Lower Your Screen Resoultion

If in any particular game you are getting low FPS then you must lower the screen resolution in the settings menu of the game. It may help increase your FPS in the Games.

4.          Change Game Settings

In every game you will get settings to play the game. Which are usually under Display or Graphics Settings. You will get options like Normal, Medium, High, Ultra. So just take a step down from your current settings.

5.          Update Graphics Drivers

Graphic Card is the component in PC which helps us in Gaming and performing High Performance Tasks. So we must regularly update Graphics Cards Drivers.

    How to Update?

You just need to go to Settings of your Windows and head over to Windows Updates and download and install all available updates including Optional Updates. You must keep your PC up to date.

6.          Overclock the PC

If you want to max out the performance of your PC then you will need to overclock your PC.

But Overclocking has many drawbacks.

  • Your PC will get heat up.
  • The Power Consumption of your PC will increase. So you will need to change Power Settings of your PC.
  • While Overclocking the temperature of GPU increases drastically.

In Simple Words Overclocking is very Risky.

7.          Adjust Computer Power Settings.

In Windows Settings you will get Power and Sleep Settings. Under it you will get Balanced, Power Efficiency, and Best Performance Modes. Just switch to Best Performance Mode.

What if all these Settings don’t work?

Upgrade Your Graphic Card

Yes if all of the above settings doesn’t work then it means you have a very old Graphic Card and you will need to upgrade your Graphic Card.

Upgrade to a SSD

SSDs are way more faster than old mechanical Hard Drives. It won’t increase your FPS but it will significantly boosts the loading time of the Games.

Upgrade your Computer RAM

More RAM means you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Upgrading RAM will increase FPS in games but is less as compared to Upgrading CPU and GPU.

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