Starlink and India

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We have already used Broadband or Fibre Internet  2G, 3G, 4G, now we will use 5G. The speeds we get in these connection are simply amazing.

Earlier when we used to download a small size file then we had to wait for minutes but now it gets downloaded in just few seconds.

Now as our technology is developing and our Internet is developing too, our consumption of Internet is increasing in parallel.

So as the consumption is increasing users are increasing as well and we are facing a difficulty of connecting everyone in the world to Internet.

So for the solution of this problem there came Satellite Internet. So what is satellite internet? What revolutionary change will it bring to the world? When will it be available in India?

Starlink is a satellite internet constellation and is a part of SpaceX which is Elon Musk’s company. So Elon Musk has an idea that he would provide satellite internet and connect every urban aur rural part of the world with high speed internet.

What is Starlink?

Starlink is a service that provide internet to the users worldwide. Starlink has launched 1000+ satellites in space. These satellites revolve in lower earth orbit which is 550KM above the ground level. Every single satellite weigh around 260KGs. Currently it’s in Beta Stage and is available in some regions of US.

Price of Starlink?

Starlink is available in $500 USD which is around 37000 INR.

You’ll get Starlink Kit, in the box you get:

·      User Terminal which also looks like an antenna.

·      A Tripod Mount

·      Wi-Fi Router

·      Power Supply

After that you will need to pay $99 USD (approx. 7500) every month to use the internet.

Need of Starlink

No matter how hard we try we still aren’t able to install cellular tower or connect Broadband or Fibre Internet to remote areas like a village very far away or some place in the mountains.

So this is where Satellite Internet comes in, satellites will revolve around earth’s orbit and will cover entire earth thus will provide Internet on those remote locations and the people living there will able to use Internet and there will be a way of communication.

So the people living in remote locations are very excited for this way of Internet Service.

Starlink in India

Starlink has started it’s registeration in India on their official website Many Indian Citizens have already registered the product. Starlink says that they will start their service in somewhere mid 2022. But currently they are not accepting payment in Indian Rupees because if an Indian law in which if you need to sell Internet Service in India then you will need to have licence. It doesn’t matter whether Starlink is owned by billionaire Elon Musk laws are same for everyone. Starlink will need to go through that process. So Indian Government has already warned not to register for Starlink.

Starlink in other countries

In Russia, Starlink is banned and if a citizen is found using any Western Internet Providers then they will get fined for their actions. Russia did it because Russia believes that Internet Traffic must pass through Russian Communication Providers.

In China Starlink is banned because of Chinese Law and Regulations.


I think Starlink will launch in India soon because for a revolutionary change not including a vast country like India will be a huge loss for Starlink.

However, satellite internet concept is very good as it may connect us all.

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