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Whenever we buy a new Laptop or build a new PC the we get confused between buying a HDD or a SSD.

Today we will get to know about the differences between HDD and SSD. Which is better for your needs?

What is Hard Drive?

Hard Drive is a mechanical storage device which has moving elements. While working Hard Drive rotates which is between 5400 and 7200 RPM and depends upon different Hard Drives.

Advantages of Hard Drive

  • Hard Drive is very cheap. It is easily available in the market. Currently 1 TB Hard Drive costs you about 3000 Indian Rupees.
  • Hard Drive has more storage. You can get 1,2,4,5 TB of storage in Hard Drive.

Disadvantages of Hard Drive

  • Hard Drive has a mechanical element which rotates while working so it has a risk that over the period of time it may get damaged. So it has a lifespan of about 5-7 years.
  • It is very fragile. If it falls while it is working then the chances of Hard Drive getting corrupted is very high.
  • If there is some mechanical damage like noise then there are very high chances that it is damaged.
  • It has less speed because of mechanical parts.
  • The Power consumption of Hard Drive is very high.

What is Solid State Drive?

Solid State Drive is a solid device which doesn’t have any mechanical parts.

Advantages of SSD

  • SSD is a very fast storage device. The read and write speeds are very fast.
  • It delivers us best performance.
  • It is impact resistant which means if it falls while working then it still will work fine until and unless the damage is greater.
  • The Life of SSD is very long.
  • The Power consumption of SSD is very low.

Disadvantage of SSD

  • The cost of SSD is very high.
  • You get less Storage as compared to HDD. Currently the cost of 256 GB SSD is around 3000 Indian Rupees and 1 TB SSD costs around 8000-9000 Indian Rupees.

Which is better for Gaming?

If your PC has a SSD then the Gaming Performance of your PC will increase drastically.

While Gaming large amount of data is constantly loading like characters, models, levels, environment, etc. So SSD help is loading and running game very fast.

For Example: GTA 5 takes about 25 seconds to load on a SSD whereas it takes about more than 2 minutes to load on a HDD.


Currently most of the Laptop are coming with pre installed SSD because it is very small which makes Laptops lighter and thinner and helps in portability.

If you are thinking of buying a new Laptop or building a PC then always go for a SSD because it is faster. Yes you will get less storage but you can install your Windows and other Software in SSD which will work in their best performance because of SSD.

If you want to store your media content like movies, music, etc. then you can always go for and external Hard Drive which will cost you around 3500 Indian Rupees for 1 TB. Then whenever you need just Plug your Hard Drive to your computer and enjoy.

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