Future of Passwords

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We use passwords in various things. Like as a Screen Lock in our Phone, Logging in to your Personal Computer. There are many online services which require logging in to use their services like Amazon and Netflix.

Passwords have now became the part of our daily life. But now there are many advanced security methods available. So will we use Passwords in Future?

First let us learn about some Advantages and Disadvantages of Passwords.

Future of Passwords

Advantages of Passwords

  • Passwords can be easily implemented through software.
  • At anytime user can easily change or delete their password. Which is not easily possible in other security methods.

Disadvantages of Passwords

  • Remembering Password for long time is a very difficult task and if there are tonnes of passwords then it become more difficult.
  • We cannot make a password an easy one. If so then it would be easier for hackers too to hack them.
  • We cannot reuse passwords in multiple apps or websites. For Example: Let’s assume you have a same password for your Bank account as well as your Instagram Account. What if your Instagram Account gets hacked? It will then result in easily bypassing the security of your Bank Account.

Future of Passwords

In Future we might use some of these methods or these methods can replace passwords forever.

1. Two Factor Authentication

In this Authentication Method whenever you login through your Username and Password then it will send an SMS to your Phone Number which is an OTP usually of 6 Digits. You will need to enter that OTP to proceed the login process.

Due to this method security enhances.

2. Single sign-on (SSO)

In this Authentication Method you use single set of credentials to various services. All these services must have trust relationship between them.

3. Biometrics/Facial Recognition

We use Biometrics and Facial Recognition in Portable Devices like Smartphones and Tablets. This is Passwordless method to Sign-In/Login. This is more secure and fast.

4. Zero Login

Amazon is working on a system where it will recognize you through your typing speed and the pressure exerted by you on the keys.

It identifies you and then you will be securely logged in to the service. It recognize us through our behaviour

What can we do now?

  • Currently we must use different passwords for different websites and apps.
  • We must make our passwords more secure by using the combination of Upper Case, Lower Case, Symbols and Numbers.
  • We can also use Password Managers to store all of our Passwords. Which in case if we need we can have access to all our Passwords.  
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