Coursera vs Udemy – Best Compared in 7 mins

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What is Udemy?

Udemy vs Coursera – Udemy online teaching platform helps you to create courses on numerous categories like development, business, design, marketing, etc. Courses that are available in Udemy are taught by expert instructions. Students can also develop new skills and achieving their goals by learning from the extensive library of various courses.

Price:Udemy is very expensive. Courses range from $50 to $200. But it is very easy to get deals that discount the rates to $12.99Coursera is less expensive. The certification cost is $49
Who can become an instructor?In Udemy, almost anyone can become an instructor.Coursera courses can be taught by only educators, experts, and professional instructors.
Community forum supportIn Udemy, there is no community forum support.Coursera offers community forum support.
Instructor’s assistanceThe instructor’s assistance is limited, only from course instructors.The instructor’s assistance is only for Degree courses and MasterTrack.
Learning pathThere is no learning paths or playlists in Udemy courses.There are a learning path and playlists through course specializations.
Best for:Use Udemy if you want more of a budget option that helps you to learn new skills in your own time deny can be better for someone with easy and relaxed learning. Udemy is suited for those people who like a personalized course recommendation depend on their current job.You can go for Coursera if you are looking for some serious courses from well-known universities. You can prefer Coursera if you like more traditional courses and timelines. Coursera is suited if you are seeking to get a certificate from an accredited institution.

Udemy vs Coursera



Firstly, this site enables you to plan your lectures in software like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs. Secondly, in Udemy, you can easily track your progress. , as soon as you upload the video to Udemy, it will be reviewed by the expert team. Thirdly, you can buy all the courses individual courses are offered in many different languages. Fourthly, select from more than 100,000 online video courses published every month. Easy to enrol in career-oriented courses once your course is completed, you will receive certificates. Availability of intermediate and advanced coursesFriendly community you can audit courses for free offers courses with transcriptions. Courses are viewable on all devices connected to the internet. Students can get instant access to the courses they have chosen. You can easily read past student reviews and ratings. You do not require any prequalification to take any course.


Udemy is not an accredited institution. Most of the courses of Udemy are expensive difficult to take more than one course at the same time. Some changes required courses may not be available. All courses are run on set dates, so you can’t change them. You cannot take the complete courses for free. You can access business-relevant content with ease. Content customization is possible. You can track learning patterns and user behaviour. It is also sometimes difficult to stay engaged with the courses. The difficulty of a grouping of categories was refined.



Coursera offers programs from accredited institutions. Courses of Coursera are more structured. Coursera is very well organized. They are partnered with educational institutions around the world. Coursera certifications are given by the name of a professional institution. You can choose between single courses, specializations, and degree programs. Coursera has programs together with universities that allow you to get a master degree or specializations. You can explore various college courses without any hassle. Quality courses are designed by leading universities. It gives you a global experience and also helps you with global exposure. Coursera enables you to access from mobile phones. Videos can be download Coursera mainly provides courses in more than 9 major languages. You can get feedback from a worldwide community of learners.


Courses offered by Coursera are not flexible. There is an issue of forum moderation with Coursera. Some Coursera courses are only accessible on a specific date. Once you complete the course, you cannot go back and access the material submitted by you. Learning on Coursera requires you to read articles or prescribed books to understand the subject in a better way. You cannot enrol in these courses at any random time and will need to wait until the course starts. You will not receive any certification for free courses.

Udemy vs Coursera: Comparing Online Learning Giants that Might IPO in 2021  — Class Central

Who Are the Instructors? – Udemy vs Coursera

  • Some Udemy courses are taken by experts.
  • There is lots of variation in course quality.
  • You may also need research in order to ensure that you are signing for the reportable course.
  • If you have to create a Udemy course, you simply need to create an account and watch orientation videos on basic course guidelines.
  • Coursera works with universities and colleges.
  • Their courses are thoroughly evaluated and taught by people who have experienced in teaching.
  • If you choose the instructor randomly in Udemy or Coursera, then the Coursera will give more authority.
  • In case if you are looking to learn the English language, you may not go for the qualification of any instructor.
  • Instructors can easily provide the information that you are looking for.
Udemy vs Coursera - Which Learning App is Better?

Udemy vs. Coursera Time Commitment

  • Udemy courses come with lifetime access to course material. Therefore, you can work it at your own speed.
  • Some Udemy courses are more in-depth, whereas some only have a few hours of video lectures and reading materials.
  • Coursera courses are like online classes that you can take from any formal institution university.
  • Courses in Coursera start and finish on a specific date. It has a timeline that you have to follow. There is a discussion forum that helps you to speak with your professor.

Final thoughts: Udemy vs Coursera

Hopefully, this long Udemy vs Coursera comparison has cleared up most of your questions and you know which learning community you should use. But, let me summarise when to use each platform:

Choose Udemy if You:

  • Wide range of courses
  • Reasonably priced courses
  • 30 day refund policy

Try Udemy for free

Coursera is for You if:

  • You want the largest choice of courses,
  • Are looking for courses in other languages than English,
  • And, want high quality courses from partnered institutions.

Try Coursera for free

Free coursesClose to 600 courses1000+ courses (Audit the Course)
Individual course prices$19.99 to $199.99 a course$29 to $99 a course
Specialist Program ( or Masters)Doesn’t offer any Specialist Program$10,000 to $25,000
PlatformsDesktop, iOS & AndroidDesktop, iOS & Android
Refund Policy30-day Refund Policy14-day Refund Policy
More informationVisit udemy.comVisit
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