AMD Will not change its strategy after the launch of Apple’s M1 chip

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AMD shared views on Apple’s M1 chip

Last year, Apple launched its ARM based M1 processor and broke the long term relationship with Intel Core CPUs. On the other hand, AMD is close to x86 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). AMD shared its views over Apple’s M1 chip for the first time on August 4, 2021.

David McAfee, Corporate VP, Product Management and Marketing at AMD shared his views over the M1 chip to The Indian Express in an interview. He said, “When we look at our roadmap going forward, I think we got a very competitive roadmap against what Apple is doing.”

“What Apple has done is that they have taken a different approach to design a chip.” “Their approach is something that has strong, single-threaded CPU performance that is right there with the Zen 3 series processor.” McAfee added. In all these explicit conversation, McAfee also mentioned, “I don’t think that what Apple has done changes AMD’s strategy dramatically.”

The interview shows that AMD will not change its strategy, but will continue to work on the present strategy. It is prepared for the competition it is going to face in future. It is also well known of M1 chip’s strength and their own.

Find the Apple’s M1 processor iMac through the link-

McAfee denies that nanometers in chips is a marketing strategy. He mentioned that shrinking of transistors only aims towards creating more space and adding more cores to the chip. It helps reducing cost and improves performance while maintaining the power.

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